Japanese White-eye Nest [Video]

A pair of Japanese White-eyes [Zosterops japonicus (綠繡眼)] made a nest in a small potted tree a couple meters from our front door.  I took this video from inside through the screendoor using a D90 and and 55-200mm f/4-5.6VR lens.  This is my first video using the D90 so I haven’t quite figured out the optimal settings for making streamable videos.  The letterbox and text was added using iMovie.

4 thoughts on “Japanese White-eye Nest [Video]

  1. the hardest thing for you now is leaving the nest alone. close inspection of it may prompt the parents to abandon it. i hope they don’t get spooked by nesting so close to your door. nice capture, Todd!

  2. MJ – A few hours after the I took the video I noticed the parents weren’t there, from the house I noticed they weren’t in either of the spots they fly to when disturbed either. I pre-set my camera, walked above the nest and grabbed a shot of the two recently hatched chicks (one egg hasn’t hatched yet) and returned inside. A few minutes later the parents returned.

    On the plus side, now that two (maybe all three by now) of the eggs have hatched one of the parents stays in the nest when the door opens or closes.

    SW – Thanks.

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