5 thoughts on “Daily Photo – Time to Take out the Trash

  1. It means “five colored bird (wu3 se4 niao3).

    Did you take this picture yourself Todd? I’ve always wanted to see one of these bad boys.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting everyone!

    Darren – Yep, the same one.

    SW – Yes, and it’s quite common, too. I’ve seen them in parks in Taipei City.

    A-gu – I took this as well as a few others I’ll be throwing on my flickr later tonight. The nest is on my way to work so I’ve made a habit of stopping there during my commute and grabbing a couple shots. The nest has gotten the attention of a few birding/photography enthusiasts in Nantou and neighboring counties.

    Ashish – This is my favorite of the batch. Hopefully I’ll be there when the babies stick their heads out for the first time.

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