Daily Photo – Welcome to Caotun

Dream of Caotun
View the large.

Shot at the location of the previous Daily Photo.  I have a few busy days coming up this week, so I’ll be taking a break from Daily Photos.  I’m really looking foward to spending some time shooting with my recently acquired Nikon D90 if this rain ever stops.

I’ll be in Taipei on Thursday taking care of residency business.  Anything to shoot on a rainy late afternoon/early evening in Taipei? Or should I just take an early bus back to Nantou?

3 thoughts on “Daily Photo – Welcome to Caotun

  1. David – I didn’t buy it for the video feature, but I am sure I will find a fun use for it in the future.

    Craig – I saw that video a couple months ago, but should probably watch it again now that I have one. Thanks for the link.

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