12 thoughts on “Daily Photo – Temple

  1. true…. but i actually like it dark, gives it an air of mystery. lightening would be nice but keeping it dark also gives it a whole different feel! it’d be cool to see 2 versions and see how different they look.

  2. Hi Todd. Lightening it would be good in a way, but it would leave the sky looking pretty dull IMO. Maybe just blending in a slightly higher exposure on the temple itself? Slightly higher is a key word here; too light and it would not match with the sky and the shot would be hurt for that.

  3. Yeah Todd, one bump in exposure here might help. That being said, there is something to be said for the mood created with the darkness here. Finally finding time to get caught up, hope all is well there!

  4. Xerks – still working on that name.

    Michael – Now that I have a few extra minutes of daylight after work I’ll try and make time to explore this area a bit further and maybe give making a panorama here another try.

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