2008 Nantou Flower Festival

2008 Nantou Flower Festival
The 2008 Nantou Flower Festival [2008 南投花卉嘉年華] started on December 6, 2008 and runs through today.  Held on Puli’s Dapingding [大坪頂], we went to the event on a weekday so there were no crowds at all.  This is the twelfth year this event has been held and is its largest yet.
2008 Nantou Flower Festival
Even on a busy day it probably wouldn’t seem too crowded given the size of the area [30+ hectares].  The event has a wide variety of flowers so there are plenty of colors to feast your eyes on.
2008 Nantou Flower Festival
My sincere apologies to any readers who did not hear of the event until now but were hoping to visit.  You still have until January 18th to visit the Taipei Flower Show at Da-an Park.
2008 Nantou Flower Festival

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