Daily Photo and three reasons why the last 24 hours were full of bad luck

Yellow Car
Until I have a better picture of a yellow car, this one will have to do for this month’s scavenger hunt.

As for why the last 24 hours were bad luck:

1.  I went to Lehua Night Market on Sunday night and the stand I used to frequent that sells Tteokbokki wasn’t there.

2. This morning, I was sitting in Da-an Park because I arrived early for an appointment at the AIT when suddenly a bird shat on my pants.  On the plus side, judging by the size of the turd it was a small bird [this is the second time a bird has defecated on me, the first time was during my first day at Eastern Michigan University (that time, the bird got me on the top of my head)].

3. After I filled in all the paperwork needed to get said document from the AIT notarized by Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs I walked all the way to Taipei Train Station only to realize that I left my bag on the third floor of the MOFA building.  It was very embarrassing to have to retrieve a paper bag containing the clothes I wore the previous day from the woman at the information desk.

I originally thought about spending the afternoon on the Elephant Mountain trail or possibly going to Sanzhi, but after these signs I figured I better play it safe and take the bus back to Nantou.

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