6 thoughts on “Daily Photo – A bad picture of a very interesting insect

  1. I’ve been salivating over the shots of a couple of my flickr contacts who use the Nikon 105mm f/2.8 VR. However, new glass will have to wait until after the wedding. That and I should really take my 50mm f1.8 out more often before I consider anything new.

  2. I saw this bug the other day in Yilan County! I was amazed at the humming-bee thinking the birds and the bees have started doing the “birds and the bees”.

    Any ideas what it is?

  3. I have tried many times to capture these, it is damned near impossible to do it well. Yours is better than any attempt I have made.

    @Dale; the common name is Hummingbird Moth. You were awfully close.

  4. Dale – Funny you mention that, when I showed the picture to a co-worker she stated that it was the world’s smallest bird.

    Darren – Hopefully I’ll get another chance sooner or later, this is the second time I’ve seen one, the first time was a couple weeks ago when I walked into a bathroom stall at work and saw one hovering a few feet above the toilet. Needless to say, I was more concerned with shooing it away so I could use the toilet in peace than I was with taking its picture.

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