Daily Photo – Fried Egg Salad [Blogtoberfest]

Fried Egg Salad
This is just one example of the delicious dishes offered during Blogtoberfest hosted by MJ Klein. The event was at a Thai restaurant near MJ’s home in Hukou, Hsinchu County. Cathy and I arrived in Hukou early so we went exploring around Hukou’s Old Street [湖口老街]. We ate a fairly large lunch and arrived at the blogger meet-up around 3pm. We were quite full from lunch, but once a few of the dishes such as the one above arrived at our tables we really couldn’t resist.

Several members of Taiwan’s English-language Blogsphere that I hadn’t seen in ages were in attendance: Carrie, Andres, David Reid, Mark, Craig, and Michael Turton.

Also in attendance were a couple bloggers I haven’t seen in a couple weeks: Darren [we went shooting together in Taipei recently] and David Edwards [who I bumped into on the Taipei MRT that same weekend].

I also got a chance to meet Ashish [both Cathy and I agree that your wife is adorable and you need to post more pictures on your blog], Wayne, Mei, and Neil at the event.

6 thoughts on “Daily Photo – Fried Egg Salad [Blogtoberfest]

  1. todd, it was great to see you again and to finally meet your lovely fiancee cathy. congrats again on your upcoming wedding. maybe in a couple years, you guys will be hauling around a little one of your own in one of these get-togethers.

  2. Hi Todd,
    It was great seeing you again. I hope we don’t have to wait another year to do it again. Congratulations to you and Cathy. Time is flying by and I’m sure your wedding is going to be incredible. Can’t wait to read all about it when I get back!

  3. Hi Todd, It was great meeting you and Cathy for the first time. Congratulations once again. We usually visit Changhua over the weekend. May be we can get together sometime.

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