A brief return to Baguashan

Bagua Road
Sunday’s bike trip was a much briefer one than the previous week because I had a mountain of housework I didn’t get done on Saturday. This trip was much like the previous one, however, once I reached Bagua Rd. I turned right instead of left.
Old House
I traveled in the direction of Yuanlin [員林]. Bagua Rd is quite pleasant to ride along with a lot of interesting rural scenery along the way.
Along the way I passed by the road that led to the entrance to Houtanjing [猴探井], which I visited last year. I saw several cyclists turn onto that road so maybe I’ll give it another visit next time I’m up to see if I missed anything the first time around.
Ya dig?
A sign pointing to the Baiguoshan Tengshan Trial [百果山藤山步道] peaked my interest, so I rode in that direction. Shortly into the trail there was a pretty popular breakfast place along the way. Here a couple hikers pass by a group of well-dressed cyclists:
CyclistsThe trail was much less busy that the Changcing Trail I went on last week:
Tengshan Path
After reaching the bottom of the trail, I started my journey back up. This trail is also much less strenuous the way back up than the Changcing Trail, either that or my endurance has increased several fold in a week [I’m going with the latter explanation].
Tengshan Path
After making my way back up I quickly explored some of the small roads around the area’s farms.
Pineapple farms
One of the roads led to a viewing platform of the lovely Changhua Plain [彰化平原]:
View the large

While taking the pics for the panorama, a group of cyclists who were resting there began talking amongst themselves but loud enough for me and anyone within several miles to hear. A lot of times in Taiwan, people will assume you don’t understand what they are saying. In this case they were discussing my nationality: One guessed German while another responded, “No way, Germans are fatter.” I don’t know how many Germans he has met, but one thing’s for sure, out of those he has met or seen on TV, I am thinner than them.

6 thoughts on “A brief return to Baguashan

  1. Nice pictures especially the last one. Is it the HSR track in the picture? I’m curious about the panorama pictures. Do you always carry the tripod or you have incredibly stable hands?

  2. Hey Todd – Just over the other side of the mountain from you in Yuanlin – Looks like you had a good trip there. I’ve been up a lot of those same trails and little roads, we’re lucky to have that scenic area there. Take Care.

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