Car Free Day 2008 – Ershui

Car Free Day 2008
Cycling events were held all over Taiwan over the weekend in celebration of the International Car Free Day. David Reid has an excellent report of the events held in Taipei County and Taipei City. This morning I attended the event held in Ershui, Changhua County.
Car Free Day 2008
The event had two paths: one was a 50km race while the other was a 15km family route. Here a group begins the race:
Car Free Day 2008
Our scenic path mostly followed the Ershui Bikeway, our first stop was to grab a quick picture of the Bobao Canal [八堡圳], which intakes the water from the Choshui [濁水溪] and irrigates the farmlands of Changhua.
Car Free Day 2008
Although overcast, the weather was great for cycling through Ershui.
Car Free Day 2008
Ershui is filled with plenty of lovely, old houses, like the one below:
Car Free Day 2008
Trains roar parallel to the bikeway:
Car Free Day 2008
Ershui Station serves as a transfer station between the TRA Western Line and the Jiji Branch Line:
Car Free Day 2008
Once we made it back we grabbed lunch before waiting for the raffle to hear 25 other people’s names called for the bikes they were giving way.
Car Free Day 2008
In this picture you can see the foothills of Baguashan [八卦山], which serves as a natural border between Nantou and Changhua counties:
Car Free Day 2008

2 thoughts on “Car Free Day 2008 – Ershui

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  2. I would have loved to be part of something like this. I am sending my two bikes to Taipei later this week – can’t wait to start exploring various parts of the island on my road bike.

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