Daily Photo – Mt. Guanyin

Guanyin Mountain
View the large
Bali’s Mt. Guanyin as viewed from Danshui in Taipei County. Given that I don’t know whether I like or dislike this panorama must make it hideously average. Too much sky? Nothing interesting in the foreground? This picture could really use a couple of sea monsters.

2 thoughts on “Daily Photo – Mt. Guanyin

  1. Well, I don’t know much about composition in photography so I can’t say for sure whether this is “hideously average” … but it warms my heart to see Guanyin’s profile again! I hope you enjoyed your visit to Danshui.

  2. It’s always so hazy or rainy every time I go to Danshui that it’s hard to get a decent shot so good job!!!

    I’ve been dying to climb this mountain but I guess it’s possible to take a bus up it. That kind of takes the excitement out of the idea of climbing it but I imagine it’s possible to get great shots from up there!

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