Saturday Morning Biking III

My bike

This morning I set off cycling in the same direction as my last trip to Nanpu [南埔], only this this time instead of turning off to ride through the farms of the area I decided to ride uphill and see what was in store for me.

Other biker

I passed at least two dozen other cyclists along the way. At this time, there were a lot more cyclists than cars on the road. It was still fairly early in the morning so the air was nice and cool. Along the journey the roads were nice and largely free of litter, except for, of course, the occasional empty box of Betel Nuts:

Betel Nut box

Telling yourself the whole trip back will be downhill is pretty encouraging after a few turns like this:

Road 3

An obligatory self-portrait using a traffic mirror:

Self Portrait

A sign for this path said that it was a “Physically Strenuous” path. That might of been true had the sign been at the other end of the path, but from here it’s almost completely downhill:

Bike Path 1

The narrow path is shaded and there are only a few low branches to watch out for:

Bike Path 2

A pineapple farm along the rural bike path:

Pineapple Farm

Before long wonderful views start opening up along the path:


The sky was a little hazy but that didn’t prevent Caotun [草屯] from being visible in the background

Overlooking Caotun

Be sure to check your brakes before going on this one:

Bike Path 4

An old house:

Old House 2

I spotted a couple of Crested Goshawks [Accipiter trivirgatus] towards the end of the path. They sat on branches far out of the reach of my lens, they would fly off the tree they were on and come back a few seconds later. I stood around and hoped that they would fly back to a lower branch after one of their short journeys but that never happened:

Crested Goshawk

Bike Path 5

A nice view of Nanpu opens up:

View of Nanpu farms

Finally off the trail and biking past some of the farms:


With the day growing rapidly warmer I took one final shot before making my way back home:


5 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Biking III

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  2. It was a lot of fun, I think next time I’ll continue down the road I’ll continue up the road that I turned off of to get to the narrow path and see where it takes me. Won’t be during the next couple of weekends though. I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending those in Taipei.

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