Take it off

AF Nikkor 50mm 1.8D
During my last weekend in Taipei before vacation, I finally got around to picking up a sync cord to fire my SB-600 off my camera.  I can’t wait to play more with this.  For information on getting your flash off your camera, check out Strobist and their flickr group.

9 thoughts on “Take it off

  1. MJ – I wish it was that simple, but the D40 lacks commander mode. The only way the SB-600 can go wireless on a D40 is by using a Pocket Wizard (or its third party equivalent), an SB-800 set on Master Mode, or an SU-800 wireless commander.

  2. Brian – the lens was purchased in June as an impulse buy. I haven’t given it nearly the attention it deserves, I’ve only uploaded a handful of pictures shot with it thus far [http://www.flickr.com/search/?s=int&w=68473686%40N00&q=50mm&m=text].

    Range – not surprising, it’s pretty cheap second-hand at dcview.com.tw and even new it won’t bust your wallet. Why did you pick up the 18-55vr? Was your 18-200 getting too heavy?

  3. MJ – I hope to make some time when I get back to Taiwan to see what I can do with the current wired/single flash set-up. Once I figure out what my limitations and needs are I’ll decide what to acquire next.

  4. Todd,
    I really enjoy your site. I have a couple questions for you –
    I am moving to Taiwan in October. How was your experience at the Mandarin Training Center? I am thinking about doing it for at least one semester – What would you recommend? I am native English and fluent Japanese speaker.

  5. Nathan – Everyone who has gone to the MTC will tell you the same thing: your experience there depends on who your instructor is. I was lucky that I had excellent instructors after my first one. If you are put in a class and don’t think the teacher is that great you can switch out after the first couple of days or so. Since you have experience learning eastern languages you might want to sign up for the advanced classes which meet for 3 hours a day instead of 2.

    If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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