Wedding Photos Finished!

Wedding Photo Album 8

Yesterday, Cathy and I picked up our wedding photos from the studio. After the photo shoot, we had gone to the studio on two occasions prior to picking up our photos. The first was to choose the 46 pictures to be used in creating our album [originally signed up for 36, adding 4 by opting out of a wall scroll, and purchased an additional 6 at a third the listed price after some bargaining]. The second visit was to recheck the photos that had been Photoshopped together and make some final adjustments.

Wedding Photo Album 16

Our package included a small-sized and large-sized photo album. While checking these items I became quite unimpressed with the level of quality control at this studio. While thumbing through the larger album we had noticed several pages were tacky on the corners of the photos from whatever they used to glue the photos to the pages. When we brought this up our salesperson had replied somewhat embarrassingly, “Oh, just wash it a little and it will be okay.” I replied with a look as to imply that this would be done by her and we would not be taking the album home in that condition.

Wedding Photo Album 15

Upon closer examination of the large album we noticed a handful of pages that were glued unevenly where air was trapped between the photos and the album. At this point it was quite apparent that in exchange for someone’s carelessness while making this album they would be rewarded by redoing it.

Many wedding albums in Taiwan have sappy and somewhat nonsensical Chinglish poems adorning the photographs. I think the only part in the planning process while in the studio that I had any part in was that there was to be no such poems in our album, that this was to be the first Chinglish-free wedding album ever created in Taiwan. Needless to say, we were looking at one of the photos in the large album and noticed the word “more” and a few other words written on the page. The words were upside down and faint. We brought up that these needed to be removed seeing as they had to reprint the large album anyway. Our salesperson than in defense stated that, “Well, you didn’t see it when you came in to view the photos those two times.” A small exchange erupted between my fiancée and the salesperson about the size of the computer monitor versus the size of the printed photograph in question. So the humongous album, the one that will be viewed at our wedding in December and probably never opened again will be redone. Luckily, we haven’t paid our total bill yet.

Wedding Photo Album 9

As for the photos themselves, I took a set of the mini-cards that are handed out to guests at the reception to my coworkers to see. Everyone seemed to like the photos a lot. Catherine and I find them nice ourselves, but none of them really scream of excellence in my opinion [especially the outdoor shots]. Maybe I was expecting too much or maybe we should have coughed up 20-40% more to get the photos done at a studio in Taichung or Taipei.

Wedding Photo Album 1

Other photos can be viewed here.

18 thoughts on “Wedding Photos Finished!

  1. I really enjoyed looking at your wedding photos the other night on Flickr. The one thing you can count on, whether you believe it or not Todd, is that your photos definitely capture your personalities and sense of adventure. I’ve seen several photo albums with the couple looking rigid and not at all like themselves. Your photos are unique and will definitely serve as a reminder of this time together. Congratulations to you both!

  2. Oh wow!

    Those photos are really amazing! I agree with Cathy – the red dress might be my fav too ^-^ Although you’re not stoked with the outside shots, I love the way her dress glows and you both look really comfortable. I think my favourites are when you’re tied together with the red string, that’s a great idea for a modern, fun wedding picture!

    I’m sorry that you’re not 100% happy with all the photos, but I guess as such a great photographer yourself, you must be thinking “I could have done that better”. I think it’s so great that you both did it, though. I would (and will :P) have to drag, bribe, beg, plead and threaten to get my bf to take such cute photos! You guys are lucky that now you (almost) have such fun wedding albums. Congrats and great job! ^^

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  4. Thanks everyone!

    I guess some of my disappointment from the outdoor shots stems with a technical problem our photographer encountered when we started our outdoor shots. His remote flash sync [the thing people stick to the top of their camera to tell a separate flash unit to fire] failed on him. Luckily, he had a back up [wired] system. Unfortunately, this was an old unit and the connections had been worn out, so it often took up to six tries just to get the flash to fire when taking shots [now this may not seem like much, but when posed in hot weather and running out of daylight this seems like an eternity]. The unit failed the most during our shots at the traditional house, the one set I was really looking forward to having a lot of great pictures at. Oh well, maybe we can get a set of shots there for our five-year anniversary.

  5. Wow. Those are very lovely photos Todd. You two make such a lovely couple. Although the first one is more lively the last one is my favorite. We are also planning to do this wedding photo shoot soon.

  6. Good God, those are horrible. Okay, there are some decent ones in there which are not too garish, but…I hope you did this on purpose…?

    My brother-in-law and his wife gave out mini-photos which featured them standing in front of a spray-painted motto: “Freedom.” (Heh heh, no freedom for you!)

    In case you haven’t seen it, there’s a fascinating book out by a Yale anthropology student called “Framing the Bride,” about Taiwan’s wedding photo industry.

  7. That’s terrible to hear that the photographer had equipment problems. You should chase them up about it – they really should reshoot those for you for free. I’m pretty sure I know exactly what kind of flash trigger he was using and they really don’t belong in must-shoot professional situations due to their unreliability.

  8. Craig – I brought up the equipment failure as my argument for a massive discount on ordering extra pictures in our set. Many of our friends and coworkers love the way the pictures turned out, but to each considering this studio for wedding or child portraits we have very clearly stated the problems we encountered.

  9. So these types of photo albums are customary in Taiwan? You learn something new everyday. They are cheesy by American standards for sure, but I like them. They are different and display a playful energy between you and Cathy. Very nice.

  10. Todd, I love these photos! I am only seeing them because I have been traveling. Though cheesy by American standards, they are hilarious. Your personalities really shine through and you are great models. Cathy is beautiful, of course.

    I could never get my husband to do these photos. Ha!

  11. While we’re dabbling in the area of Wedding Photos Finished! The Daily Bubble Tea, Be sure to let the photographer know any specific pictures you want to take beforehand. There are usually a standard set of pictures that wedding photographers take – groomsmen, bride and mother, etc. Anything out of the ordinary should be discussed with the photographer beforehand to make sure the taking of the picture can be worked into the photo shoot.

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