Tropical Storm Kalmaegi

Right now, Nantou County is receiving moderate rain interrupted by periods of heavy rain and winds. I received a message that the main road I take from where I live in Jhongxing Village to my job in Caotun was flooded, I called my school to see if classes would be canceled because of that, the response from our secretary was that some students would still be coming. Luckily, about five minutes later, the government canceled work and class for the county. I tried taking a couple pictures from the roof, but they didn’t look as menacing as the precipitation map pictured above.

3 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Kalmaegi

  1. David – The area I’m in wasn’t in much trouble except for a few flooded streets. The rain mostly stopped by the late afternoon. A couple parents called a school I work in the evenings and said they wanted to have class, my boss then took it upon herself to call all the other parents to tell them we were having class. Naturally, I was the last person to be called. After all, why would you need to notify the teacher that class would be held? I used that irritating telephone conversation to request a day off [yes, on a typhoon day, don’t I have a lot of nerve!] because of a cold I’ve had the last couple of days.

  2. I just posted a picture of some of Kalmaegi’s handiwork near my house, close to the Taichung Sogo. I hope no one was hurt and I’d love to know what time it collapsed if anyone knows…

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