Saturday Morning Biking

Zhongxing Junior High School

Zhongxing Junior High School [中興國中]

This morning I embarked on a bike route which runs through Jhongsing Village [中興新村], Nantou City [南投市], Jhongliao [中寮], Jiji [集集], and Mingjian [名間]. I’ve been on this route once before with the parents of one of my students, they were more accustomed to this kind of riding so I let them set the pace. We didn’t stop for pictures during that trip, because I didn’t want to slow them down. This time I just had the company of myself so I had plenty of time to stop for pictures like the entrance of Zhongxing Junior High School [where Cathy went to school], which was rebuilt after the 921 Earthquake.

Bike Ride

On the way to Nantou City, this bridge is for bicyclists and scooters only:


I saw many other bicyclists along the way, here a group passes me [for the time being] while en route to Jhongliao:

Other Bikers

Some government agencies, charities, and individuals build monuments and parks to honor the victims of the destructive 921 Earthquake… Others, name a betel nut stand after it:

921 Betel Nut

A clear river in Jhongliao:


The yellow brick road of Jhongliao:

New buildings

After Jhongliao it’s up and down hill from there:

Nice view

Almost to Jiji, finally flat terrain again:

Almost to Jiji

A field of flowers greet me:


I’ve never seen this town with so few people! In a couple hours there will be about a thousand times more people standing in front of Jiji Train Station taking pictures:

Jiji Station

It’s been about a year and a half since I last visited the station, the town is quite pleasant before 9 o’clock:

Jiji Station

Jiji Station

After the train station I headed to the Endemic Species Research Institute [特有生物研究保育中心] and strolled around its ecological park while waiting for the butterfly garden to open.

Crested Serpent Eagle

Crested Serpent Eagle, Spilornis cheela


I went to the museum here a couple weeks ago with Cathy, but we didn’t do much walking in the park outside because it was raining lightly and the mosquitoes were bad.

Grey Treepie

I wish the Grey Treepie [Dendrocitta formosae] would have posed for a few more shots. It’s a wonderful creature with a splendid voice.

As usual, it started getting pretty hot around 10 o’clock when the butterfly garden opened, so I took only a few shots that I am yet to sort through, but here’s a sneak peak of a couple of 大白斑蝶 [(literally: Big White Spotted Butterfly)Idea leuconoe clara]:

Idea leuconoe clara

A quick ride past the Jiji Weir:

Jiji Weir

On the way to Tsu-Nan Temple [紫南宮]:


And a quick stop to the temple’s $38,800,000 NT “bamboo shoots” bathroom [紫南宮筍型休憩設施]


After resting in the shade for a few minutes I returned home after passing through Mingjian.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Biking

  1. Hi Craig, I left Jhongsing around 6:30 am and made it to Jiji around 8:30 am [about 25 km / 15 mi]. I stuck around Jiji so long because I was waiting for the Endemic Species Research Center’s butterfly garden to open [not till 10 am] I left Jiji around 11 am and was at Tsu-Nan Temple by about 11:30 [around 6 km / slightly less than 4 miles]. I rested there for about 15 minutes and headed towards Mingjian followed by Nantou City. I took the city streets because those were the only ones I knew would get me home so I didn’t stop for pictures along the way [it was getting pretty hot]. I got back to Jhongsing a little later than expected, 12:30 pm [about 20 km / 12 mi], but that’s because I ran into a former coworker along the way and chatted a bit.

    Note: the distances are a little screwy on account of using Google Map’s distance measurement tool, but should give a rough estimate

  2. Somehow, my bicycle commuting is considered related to this, thus the link. But I appreciate finding your blog-sounds like a beautiful ride! We did a 6 hour ride around Denver yesterday, and I was lamenting all the way that I hadn’t brought my Nikon-dragonflies, herons, a house with the yard decorated with bowling pins, my toddler chasing the geese, and all the lovely views along the creeks and river. Thank you for sharing your lovely ride-I won’t forget my camera again! ~lmc

  3. Cool, thanks Todd. Jiji is not as far as I thought it was. You might want to look at getting a cycling computer for your bike – great for speed, time and distance. The basic ones are under NT$1000 and ones with a few more features closer to NT$1500-2000.

  4. Jiangli – thanks for stopping by! It seems every time I go out without my camera I encounter something amazing or unusual. I’ve made a habit to take it everywhere now just in case.

    Craig – I actually turned down a basic one that the store wanted to bundle in with the price of my bike for a discount on my helmet and pouch. After this ride I really wish I had one. I’ll probably get one in time for my next outing.

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