New This Week

Spindasis kuyanianus

There are a few new arrivals on the Taiwan’s Butterflies page after being eaten alive by mosquitoes today:

  • Graphium doson postianus
  • Graphium cloanthus kuge
  • Timelaea albescens formosana
  • Euploea mulciber barsine
  • Hypolimnas misippus
  • Symbrenthia lilaea formosanus
  • Junonia lemonias aenaria
  • Catopsilia pyranthe
  • Lampides boeticus
  • Spindasis kuyanianus

Our current total now stands at 31 species!

5 thoughts on “New This Week

  1. Good shots. There’s a butterfly and insect center on Baguashan – I’ll try and find a link to it later. I’ve not been to it yet, but it’s supposed to be quite good. By car or scooter from Jhongsing it would only take about 20 mins to get to – maybe less.

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