Momo TV visit

Does the Lion have a name?

I was standing in the office of the school I work at after a long employee meeting when a plain van pulled up to the school and a man talking on his cellphone stepped out and had a look on his face like he was lost. I turned to one woman in the office and asked if the circus was in town, she responded very enthusiastically that Momo TV [MOMO親子台] was here.

奶油哥哥 and 彤彤姐姐

We gathered the students to the auditorium and two of the shows hosts appeared: Nǎiyóu Gēge [奶油哥哥] and Tóng-tóng Jiějie [彤彤姐姐], I think you could translate that to Cream Older Brother and Red Red Older Sister. Here’s a short bio of the two I found from the program’s website:

Nǎiyóu Gēge [奶油哥哥]:

Handsome, sunny, and always full of confidence. Nǎiyóu Gēge always loves to dance! No dance is difficult for him! He likes to play with children and make faces to tease them. Likes fresh and fun games, try to find Nǎiyóu Gēge!

Next up, Tóng-tóng Jiějie [彤彤姐姐]:

Tóng-tóng Jiějie is a little childish. She’s cute, lively, and hilarious! A naughty personality that loves making many funny jokes every day! Everyone on stage holds their stomachs in laughter! Not only that, Tóng-tóng Jiějie’s dancing is number 1!


Children’s programs like this seem a lot like those in the states: singing, chants, dancing, ect. The only difference I could find is that the female hosts are less homely and wear shorter skirts [if you didn’t come to that conclusion already yourself].


one, two, three, 舉手

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