Brown Hawk-Owls

Brown Hawk-Owl

Earlier this week I was introduced to a tree on the grounds of a nearby elementary school where 4 Brown Hawk-Owls [褐鷹鴞, Ninox scutulata] had made their home. It was early in the morning and Cathy’s mother had showed me where they were. She goes there frequently with a group to practice Tai Chi.

Brown Hawk-Owl

I went to see them again today after work, they were in a taller tree and sitting about twice as high as before. It was dark so the pictures really weren’t worth posting. I met a gentleman from a birding club in Taichung who was there photographing the owls. He said it was pretty unusual for them to sit on such a low branch like the day I encountered them. He asked if I had a cup to join him for tea, I didn’t have one, and the mosquitoes were eating me alive, so we ended our conversation prematurely.

Brown Hawk-Owl

3 thoughts on “Brown Hawk-Owls

  1. Fantastic! It’s amazing the birdlife and wildlife in general that you can find in urban areas in Taiwan. In “Health Park” in the south part of Taichung City I have seen a woodpecker and a goshawk, birds you’d normally only expect to see in the countryside.

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