Several Additions

Burara jaina formosana

Several additions were added to the butterfly page last week:

  • Lethe europa pavida
  • Euploea sylvester swinhoei
  • Mycalesis mineus
  • Elymnias hypermnestra hainana
  • Mycalesis francisca formosana
  • Suastus gremius
  • Burara jaina formosana
  • Eurema blanda arsakia
  • Appias albina semperi

This brings our grand total to 21 species so far!

2 thoughts on “Several Additions

  1. Hi Todd. That is a good one, I really like the motion blur of the wings and the colours really pop. Is that a skipper? It kind of looks like it, but then again not quite. If you are in tpe anytime soon, I have a spot very close to where I (and David Reid) live where I have had good luck shooting butterflies and bugs. Could be a fun outing.

  2. Darren – it’s a skipper [Hesperiidae family], I’m delighted to hear you like this photo. I’ll be in Taipei this weekend, I’ll be busy on Saturday but I’ll be free all Sunday, I’ll give you a call tomorrow and see if you’re free.

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