Saturday Morning Bike Ride

Bike Ride

This morning I biked in the direction of Nanpu [南埔] to see where it would take me. The weather was lovely and there were plenty of interesting things to photograph along the way.


This building was abandoned after the 921 Earthquake and hasn’t been torn down since.


Less than a minute away is this new gated residential complex:

New New New

I followed a portion of the Nantou Bike Way [南投縣自行車道], which split several times over the course of my ride. A couple portions were very nicely paved and had a handful of solar powered street lamps.

Like the building from the earlier photo, this one has seen its better days:


The path went by some of Nantou County’s beautiful farmland:


This concrete streambed was a host to several different types of wildlife and smells:


A tobacco farm in Nanpu:

Tobacco Farm

Around this area I decided to take a moment to reapply sunscreen and photograph insects:


I’m pretty sure it’s a Blue Percher [Diplacodes trivialis]

Some days I enjoy living in a small town, other days it drives me completely:


Next time I’ll have to try out some of the paths going in other directions.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Bike Ride

  1. I only just saw the Google map link you gave. I didn’t realize how close you are to my place. I’m over the other side of Baguashan, but a round trip ride from my place to the top of the mountain above Fenyuan town (route 139) is only an hour return. It’s all downhill from the top of the mountain into Caotun – I’d guess it’d only take an hour or so to cycle from my place to yours.

  2. That’d be cool. Not sure when – I think I’ll be in Taipei the next couple of weekends, and Kaohsiung sometime this month as well.

    I just rode part of the 139 this morning. It’s a beautiful road for cycling – there were more cyclists than cars. Stopped for coffee at a little place and the guy didn’t have change so he gave me a NT$50 discount on my coffee as well as a whole bunch of lychees.

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