Tung Blossoms at New Era Resort

Tung Blossoms

One late afternoon we took a trip to see the Tung blossoms [油桐花]. We didn’t have nearly enough time to make it up to Miaoli, so we opted for the New Era Resort [牛耳石雕公園] on the way to Puli.

Tung Blossoms

Tung blossoms weren’t the only flowers:


The grounds were almost deserted by the time we arrived. The restaurant however was packed with tourists from Latin America who were staying in the resort’s cabins.


The area features the work of sculptor Lin Yuan [林園];

Rabbit Sculpture

There are plenty of stone and bronze sculptures to enjoy, as well as a DIY area for painting stone sculptures.


Sculpture of legendary puppeteer Lee Tian-lu [李天祿]:

Puppeteer Lee Tian-lu [李天祿]

It wasn’t long before we ran out of daylight and decided to redeem our parking vouchers for coffee. The coffee was really unsatisfying because the cup was about the size of a thimble.

Cathy and Pandas

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