Cosplay at NTU – Petit Fancy 8 [the extended post]


As mentioned in the previous post, Petit Fancy 8 was held at National Taiwan University’s campus over the weekend, here is the picture heavy post that I promised. David Reid wrote a post about the event over the weekend, as did Darren Melrose on his new WP-powered blog. My anime phase passed after Cowboy Bebop aired on the Cartoon Network, so I have no idea who most of these characters are.


Rei Ayanami – Neon Genesis Evangelion


I got to the event early and I didn’t know where on campus it was taking place. Luckily, I was able to follow a young woman carrying a giant sickle from the MRT station to the event.


A couple from Ikki Tousen [Battle Vixens]

I was quite happy to find out that the picture of one of those Battle Vixens from the previous post was chosen by Joe Gray to be the Taiwan Photo of the Day. Thanks Joe!


The above picture begs the question: Did you carry that on the MRT?


While I was writing this post I discovered that Carrie Marshall featured the above photo on Taiwan Photographers. Thanks a lot Carrie!


Yuna – Final Fantasy X and X-2


Someone on flickr thought that these people took Naruto and did a dōjinshi out of it. I didn’t know what that was until I Google’d it… I guess I’m not very hip.


As I mentioned, I tried out Adobe Lightroom on this batch of photos. I’m quite impressed with the software so far. The flexibility you have with the program and shooting RAW is unbelievable. I’ve barely scratched the surface with Lightroom.


The photographers at this event acted quite a bit differently than photographers at the auto or computer shows. At this event, photographers thanked the cosplayers after photographing them and said, “excuse me” if they bumped into me while shooting.


The next event takes place on NTU’s campus on July 26th and 27th.


19 thoughts on “Cosplay at NTU – Petit Fancy 8 [the extended post]

  1. Nice set Todd. I especially like the first and the one of the girl in the coffin. Like you, I have no idea who the characters are. Since I didn’t see a single Spiderman, there was no chance at all that I recognize a character, as he is pretty much where my knowledge ends.

  2. Try FF in Aug. You will be surprised their passion for dōjinshi, and do visit the booths inside. Those booths is the real pupose of this event. Cosplay is just a part of dōjinshi, not all of it.

  3. You’re people photos are great as always. I want to start shooting in RAW too, but alas, my computer can’t handle it. I even start to chug when looking at 10 megapixel shots. Luckily the D40 is only 6…

  4. Thanks everyone! Brian, download a trail version of Lightroom and give it a spin. My computer is just shy of three years old and it runs fine (albeit slowly). Now I just need a habit of backing up photos and clearing space on my HD.

  5. Nice work, great photos. I’m finally about to do my own little post about the cosplay – my sites got hacked so I’ve had to spend the past few days fixing all the damage.

    I’ll send you some Lightroom links later today or tomorrow.

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  7. I’m dying to get an article about Cosplay in Taiwan. Any chance I can coerce you into writing something and providing some photos for print?

    Highway 11 Magazine

  8. Fantastic photos and costumes. I went to an anime convention in the Netherlands over a week ago and while some people did a terrific job of portraying their favourite characters, the Taiwanese and Japanese still win hands down when it comes to cosplay.

  9. Terrific photos Todd. There’s a marked difference in the quality of your photos when you use RAW and Adobe Lightroom. Of course, your photos are always top-notch, but I especially like the color and clarity of this photo essay.

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  11. The person in the coffin is supposed to be Vincent Valentine from FF7, but as a Turk. I am Taiwanese and I love to cosplay a, especially as L from Death Note.

  12. Maybe the coffin was foldable, or else he would’ve had to wake up early in the morn to squeeze into the MRT. Rush hours can be tight.

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