The Nantou County Culture Park

Nantou County Culture Park [南投縣文化園區]

The Nantou County Culture Park [南投縣文化園區] sits in Nantou City. It’s main building [pictured above] is the County History Hall [南投縣縣史館], which resides in the former Wu-de Temple [武德殿]. Built in 1937, the building has served several purposes over the years: when Taiwan was a Japanese colony it was used by policemen to practice Kendo and Judo, after the Kuomintang arrival it was used as a police department, followed by a series of bureaucratic offices. It was unveiled as the Nantou County History Hall in 1997 and later closed because heavy damage suffered from the 921 Earthquake of 1999. After a year of repairs, it was reopened to the public.

Nantou County Culture Park [南投縣文化園區]

I managed to find a pamphlet in both English and Chinese in the museum’s interior after one of the guides there said they didn’t have any. Unfortunately all the signs inside are only in Chinese and the pamphlet isn’t really much help at explaining anything. Inside there are displays for the Batongguan Historic Trail [八通關古道], the indigenous tribes of the area, historic excavation, and pottery.

Nantou County Culture Park [南投縣文化園區]

Adjacent to the County History Hall is the County Art Archive [南投縣藝術家資料館]. It was originally built in 1952 and later used in its current capacity in 2003. The second floor had some carved work on display when I went. I must have been the first visitor of the day because a gentleman ran up to the exhibition room on the second floor to turn on the lights when I arrived. Also on the grounds is the County History Reference Hall [南投縣縣史圖書文獻室], which contains documents about Nantou history.

3 thoughts on “The Nantou County Culture Park

  1. I have just spent a delightful half hour reading of your cycling adventures through central Taiwan.

    I wonder if you may be able to help me. I was there in 1999. I travelled by train from TaiJung to DuoLiou and then by bus to TsouLing all in one day. But I cannot find TsouLing on the map. All I remember is that it was a few hours bus trip from DuiLiou. But there are so many different spellings for the same place and my chinese is very limited. At TsouLing there was a very big stair down to the river.


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