Betel Nut Spice Girls version 2

Betel Nut Spicy Girls series 2

I was shopping at the nearby Poya when I noticed a vending machine stocked with Tommy Bear Co.’s new Betel Nut Spice Girls version 2 series [檳榔辣妹二彈]. In this series each character is sitting or standing at identical betel nut stands while in the first series each character includes a completely different scene.

Betel Nut Spicy Girls series 2

I picked up two figures: Ji-er 吉兒 [above] and Xiao-qiao 小喬 [below].

Betel Nut Spicy Girls series 2

Betel Nut is a carcinogenic stimulant sold at roadside stands throughout Taiwan. Occasionally by women wearing skimpy clothes.

Taiwan Betelnut Beauties/檳榔西施 Flickr group

My Action Figures Flickr set

12 thoughts on “Betel Nut Spice Girls version 2

  1. oh my goodness those are hilarious! and the Flickr set too! somewhat disturbing and sad, but interesting! i should add some of my own pictures i’ve taken in the back countrysides of taiwan…

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  3. hi, I email you before, remember? I saw you link my blog”How to survive in Taiwan” on the side, I appreciate!
    I like your betel nut girl collection so much, and put the link in one of the posts in the new website which has new layout and more posts there. If you think that’s interesting. would you mind replacing the old blog to this new one?(
    Thank you sooo much!

  4. Hi Todd,

    I know this post was written 5 years ago, just wanna try my luck. A friend of mine who lives in the states saw your post and is now dying to get a set of them and begging me to get him a set. Could you please kindly tell me where to get them?


    • One could try hunting through the action figures stores that sometimes have cases of vending machine toys available for individual purchase but I highly doubt you’ll find any.

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