Foreign Food in Nantou

Vietnamese Food

Fried Spring Rolls – Cha Gio [招牌炸春卷]

For the longest time, I thought that if you wanted foreign food nearby your only choice was the McDonald’s in neighboring Caotun. So needless to say, I was quite delighted to be taken out for Vietnamese food at a restaurant near Cathy’s office.

Vietnamese food

Chicken and Noodles Soup – Pho Mi [雞肉河麵]

The restaurant is called Sīhǎi Yuènán liàolǐ [Lit: Silk Ocean Vietnamese Cuisine (絲海越南料理)] and is located at #101 Jixian Rd. Nantou City, Nantou County [南投縣南投市集賢路101號].

Vietnamese Food

Seafood Spring Rolls – Goi Cuon [招牌海鮮生春卷]

I’m no expert on Vietnamese cuisine nor I have ever traveled to Vietnam, but everything we ordered tasted the same as what is served in Taipei at restaurants that are two to three times more expensive per dish. Everything dish we ordered was between $50NT and $70NT. Their menu had a handful of dishes over $100NT.

Vietnamese Food

Chicken Pan-Fried Noodles – Pho Cao Mi [雞肉炒河麵]

Vietnamese Food

Lemon Grass Beef ﹣ Bun Bo Xao [香茅牛肉乾拌米份]

Vietnamese Coffee

The iced coffee was far too sweet for my tastes, next time I’ll know to tell them to hold off on the sugar.

Chili Sauce

And finally this chili sauce made everything delicious.

9 thoughts on “Foreign Food in Nantou

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  2. That looks similar to the great Vietnamese restaurant near us. It makes a great change from all those pork and rice lunch boxes.

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  4. Wow…cha gio and goi cuon are my favuorite foods. But at home we call cha gio as cha yo and goi cuon as ban tang. =)

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