My Carbon Footprint < Yours

Merida MTA-510

I went bicycle shopping recently and picked up a Merida MTA-510 for my daily ride from Jhongsing Village to my job in Caotun [about twenty minutes one-way]. I checked out a Merida dealership and a Giant dealership during my search. The Giant dealership didn’t sell a single similarly priced bike with 19 inch wheels, so the choice was pretty simple.

Merida MTA-510

So far, I have been blessed with wonderful weather on my journey to and from work. Once summer hits, I am sure the commute will be much less enjoyable.

4 thoughts on “My Carbon Footprint < Yours

  1. That looks like a sweet bike. The only thing stopping me from riding in Taiwan is the pollution. I already use a professional industrial pollution mask on a scooter. I can’t imagine how it must be on a bike.

    Then again, I read that you moved away from Taipei to Nantou, so maybe it’s less polluted there!

  2. thats one cool bike Todd. Now this is interesting. Talk about coincidences and let me tell you I also moved to Jhubei recently, two weeks ago to be specific, just like you did and have placed an order for a bike last week. I’m expecting my bike to delivered any time today or tomorrow 🙂

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