Lunch in Sanyi and Shengsing Train Station

A few flowers left

A handful of Cherry Blossoms [櫻花]

Over the weekend we drove a two-car caravan to lunch at Green Ark in Sanyi [三義], Maioli County [苗栗縣]. The restaurant had some really nice scenery surrounding it. So naturally, we took a lot of pictures…

Path to restuarant

The grounds had a lot of flowering trees and was immaculately maintained. I think the actual restaurant was a side-attraction.

Camellia sp. [茶花] outside the restaurant

The pudding pictured above was by far the tastiest of what we had ordered.

Originally I was told that we were just heading out for lunch, so I was very delighted to find out that we were going to visit Shengsing Train Station [勝興車站] as well.

The Shengsing Train Station is located at the highest point of the western railway trunkline, 402.326 meters above sea level. The train station, completed in 1906, is built entirely of wood in the Japanese huya (lit. Teeth of a Tiger) style, which is supposed to ward off evil spirits. [source: Taiwan Hot Spots]

Shengsing Train Station

The whole area was a lot more touristy than I had imagined, so I practiced how to take pictures with as few people in the frame as possible. As you can see above, I failed.

Shengsing Train Station

Everyone posing together:

Near Shengsing Station

This kitten was behind the restaurant we stopped for Hakka-style tea [擂茶]. It kept a pretty safe distance from me and would temporarily run-off if I got too close, I had to use the longer lens for this:

Kitten I

The kitten’s mother had an absolutely vivid contrast in eye color. I’ve seen plenty of dogs with different colored eyes, but never on a cat:

Kitten II

8 thoughts on “Lunch in Sanyi and Shengsing Train Station

  1. wow … great pictures n post 🙂 I had been there last feb, wonderful place .. did u take a walk through the tunnel nearby? i love these abandoned train stations sites. The picture of kitten is really great

  2. Brian – thank you!

    Ashish – Catherine and I walked through the tunnel (no one else we went with wanted to, they were too tired). If you like train stations, you’ll love my next post!

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