228 Rally at Zhongshan Stadium

Frank Hsieh and Su Tseng-chang

DPP presidential candidate Frank Hsieh [謝長廷] and running mate Su Tseng-chang [蘇貞昌]

Yesterday evening I attending the rally at Zhongshan Stadium commemorating the 61st anniversary of the 228 Massacre. The atmosphere of the area was absolutely incredible. After I grabbed a few snacks and checked out the memorabilia tables I met up with bloggers Craig Ferguson and David Reid who were arriving from the event at Freedom Square. We walked around the packed stadium taking photos and talking to people.


After Craig left, David and I went back into the stadium to hear Su Tseng-chang and later Frank Hsieh speak. Their speeches were in Hoklo Taiwanese. Luckily, a kind couple sitting behind us provided a translation for a portion.


As the crowds thinned towards the end, we rushed the stage to get a closer view shortly before Hsieh and Su left. The event concluded with a wonderful performance by Amis aborigines.

Check out David’s post for his report on the day’s events. Also be sure to stop by Craig’s 2008 Presidential Elections Flickr set, David’s 228 in Taipei set, and my 228 Love and Trust Rally set.

4 thoughts on “228 Rally at Zhongshan Stadium

  1. Why are some Westerners so interested in China and Taiwan’s affair? I don’t see them blogging about India, Pakistan or even Bangladesh’s affair.

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  3. BeWay – I cannot speak for other Westerners, but in my case I am interested in China and Taiwan’s affairs because I am living here. What happens between the two affects my loved ones, my friends, my neighbors, and myself.

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