Fanglan Mansion and Yifang Mansion

Fanglan Mansion

Built in 1806, Fanglan Mansion [芳蘭大厝] was the Chen family’s first home when they immigrated to Taiwan from Anxi, Quanzhou County, Fujian Province.

Fanglan Mansion

Fanglan Mansion’s decorative roof

Local stones along with fir wood and bricks shipped from China were used in the building’s construction.

Fanglan Mansion

The original layout of the mansion was a traditional three-sectioned structure with left and right wings, those wings have since collapsed and no longer exist.

Built in 1876, the Chen family’s Yifang Mansion [義芳居古厝] still retains its three-section layout:

Yifang Mansion

View the large

Yifang Mansion was the third estate built by the Chen family, the first was Fanglan Mansion followed later by New Fanglan Mansion, which no longer exists.

Yifang Mansion

Early pioneer life was dangerous, so both mansions were built at higher elevations with their backs to Chanchu Mountain.

Located in Taipei’s Daan Distric. Take the MRT to Gongguan Station and walk towards National Taiwan University Hospital-Gongguan Branch, you should spot a few signs near the hospital. The homes are located on Lane 155, Sec. 3, Keelung Rd.

Information from Historical Sites in Taipei II

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