Dihua St. – Shopping for Chinese New Year


Yesterday, we checked out the action on Dihua St. [迪化街] of people doing their shopping for Chinese New Year. We didn’t do much buying, but we did partake in a lot of sampling.

the crowd

Like the past two weeks, it was cold, rainy, and windy in Taipei. The banners in the above photo should illustrate how hard the wind was blowing.

More Samples

Think of it as Shilin Night Market on a busy night but with free samples and without the annoying teenagers. An English/Chinese brochure complete with maps, info, and an event schedule is available at MRT stations. Just hope the crowds don’t drive you:


Being stuck at an intersection for a while, I think I was given more to eat from this trio than all other stands combined:

Waiting to cross the street

A vender weighs a customer’s purchases while a couple contemplates what flavor to pick:

Vender and Customers

More dried goods to sample:

Free Samples

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and eat some of everything!

3 thoughts on “Dihua St. – Shopping for Chinese New Year

  1. I was at Dihua Market the same day as you! Don’t see myself in any of your photos, though. The crowds were amazing – as busy as Tonghua Night Market was on New Year’s Eve.

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