Chih Shan-Yen Gate and Huiji Temple

Chih Shan-Yen Gate

I had some time to kill before work yesterday so I decided to check out a few places I had been meaning to visit for a while. The Chih Shan-Yen Gate [芝山岩隘門] is on the stairway up to Huiji Temple [惠濟宮].

Chih Shan-Yen Gate

The gate was built in 1825 by a community of immigrants from Zhangzhou [漳州] during a period of armed conflict with immigrants from Quanzhou [泉州][both from Fujian Province (福建省)]

Chih Shan-Yen Gate

Originally consisting of four gates [north, south, east, and west], only the west gate survives today.

Huiji Temple

Huiji Temple was built between 1752-1764 and dedicated to the Sage King Chen Yuanguang [開漳聖王陈元光], the founder of Zhangzhou District in Fujian. It has since been rebuilt 5 times with its current structure dating from 1968.

Overlooking Shilin

Standing in front of the temple gives an interesting view of Shilin [View the large]

Trail behind Huiji Temple

Behind the temple is a raised walkway. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to explore too much, the area is littered with old defensive fortifications [given the vicinity to Chiang Kai-shek’s former residence]:

Behind Huiji Temple

I also wanted to see the Chih Shan-Yen Prehistoric Site [芝山岩遺址] which is a small archaeological excavation. I found out when I arrived that it is only open weekends and holidays from 11:00-12:00 and 15:30-16:30. How foolish of me to arrive on a weekday! I will likely go after work on Saturday so I will save additional details for that time.

Chih Shan-Yen Prehistoric Site

Getting there is easy, just take the MRT to Zhishan Station and follow the signs.

Information for this post is from Historic Sites in Taipei I.

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