Potted Plant Challenge

Guanghua #2 Rd. #2 Street

I dare my readers to find a street more decked out in potted plants than Guanghua #2 Rd. #2 Street [光華二路二街 ] in Nantou County’s Jhongsing Village [中興新村].

Guanghua #2 Rd. #2 Street

I’m always impressed by a windowsill overflowing with houseplants or a few potted plants along a neighborhood road for everyone to enjoy.

Guanghua #2 Rd. #2 Street

Part of this is because in the states, my plant husbandry success was limited to some Lucky Bamboo, a cactus, and some mangroves that did great until I moved them to an experimental Pico-Reef.

Guanghua #2 Rd. #2 Street

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