Jhongsing Resident Artist Program

Jhongsing Resident Artist Program

Jhongsing Village [中興新村] is a pleasure to walk around given its meticulously planned development, tree-lined roads, even sidewalks, and low population density. Over the weekend we visited the neighborhood housing artists participating in the Jhongsing Resident Artist Program [中興新村駐村藝術家] on Guanghua #3 Road [光華三路].

Liao Shu-chien [廖述乾]:

Liao Shu-chien 廖述乾

Lin Shien-mao [林憲茂]:

Lin Shien-mao 林憲茂

Shin Lai-fu [施來福]:

Shin Lai-fu 施來福

More from Shin Lai-fu [施來福]:

Shin Lai-fu 施來福

Hsu Shih-fang [許世芳]:

Hsu Shih-fang 許世芳

Wu Tsao-hsun [吳肇勳]:

Wu Tsao-hsun 吳肇勳

Pan Yi-heng [潘憶蘅] and Chung Hsing-ling [鍾幸玲]:

Pan Yi-heng and Chung Hsing-ling 潘憶蘅 and 鍾幸玲

Pan Wen-kai [潘文凱]:

Pan Wen-kai 潘文凱

French artist Joan Pomero:

Joan Pomero

Until the Taiwan Provincial Government Culture & Education Affairs Division decides to make an English website, this is the best I can do for visitors looking for more information: [臺灣省政府文教組].

4 thoughts on “Jhongsing Resident Artist Program

  1. I completely agree with Mark. Your recent posts are fabulous. I’m sure there will be many more interesting posts in your archive. Gotta dig in your archives on some lazy weekend.I was recently introduced to your blog from MJ’s blog and you are already on my blogroll. Looking forward for more great posts like this one.

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