Checheng, Nantou County

Train Station

Nantou County’s Checheng [車埕] serves as the terminal station of the Jiji Branch Line [集集線]. In the past, the area prospered as a transshipment point for lumber and from hydroelectric building projects [the Menpaitan (門牌潭) powerhouse in 1919 and later the Minghu (明湖) and Mingtan (明潭) powerhouses built in the 1980s].

Train Station sign

Although the logging industry has declined, the area now serves as a tourist area.

Train Station

An old building next to Cedar Lake:

Old Building

I’m still having trouble getting over how amazing it felt to take a vacation day on Saturday so that I could actually enjoy an entire weekend.


A water refill tower used back when steam-powered locomotives frequently visited:

Water Refill Tower

In front of a traffic mirror, the background is a fairly large police station for such a small area:

Mirror, Friends, and Poliice Station

Checheng wouldn’t be complete without a stray dog following you around. This one had a wonderful personality and temperament:

Stray Dog

Adjacent to this building is a row of tourist shops and a cafe:


5 thoughts on “Checheng, Nantou County

  1. I don’t know the exact year, the original structure was made of concrete and destroyed by the 921 Earthquake. The area was put under the management of the Sun Moon Lake Park Administration and rebuilt as the gorgeous wood structure standing today.

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