The Plum Blossoms of Fengguidou


We got off to an early start on Saturday to make the drive up to Fengguidou [風櫃斗] in Nantou County to see the Plum Blossoms [梅花].


The Plum Blossom was designated as the national flower on July 24, 1964. The triple grouping of stamens [one long and two short] represents Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Three Principles of the People, while the five petals symbolize the five branches of the ROC government [Taiwan Government Information Office].


I don’t know for sure if we were a week too late or a week too early for the peak bloom, no one in our group seemed to agree.


Regardless, I’m sure if you go next weekend there should still be plenty to see.


Although vastly outnumbered by the Plum Blossoms, the area did have a handful of Cherry Blossoms [櫻花]:


Group photo: chances are if you buy steel rope from Taiwan, it’s one of these beauties on the other end [please visualize the photo without me in it]…


Showing everyone how to jump for a picture. Proving it’s not how high you jump, it’s how high you kick your legs up:


Cathy approves the ice cream:


Mmmm Mountain Pork, I haven’t had this since Alishan. Unfortunately, we ate down the road prior to discovering this stand, so I was too full to order a slab.


Cathy and I in front of the largest of the trees, the Queen Plum Tree [梅后]:


I think it was the fact that I was wearing a Steve Yzerman sweatshirt which made me less photogenic than Cathy.


An Aboriginal dance…


…and the host:


We got there pretty early, there wasn’t any traffic coming up. Once early afternoon hit the crowds started making their way up:


Another mountainside used for betel nut cultivation:


14 thoughts on “The Plum Blossoms of Fengguidou

  1. great story Todd! terrific photos too, as usual. btw, good call on the shirt. yeap, that’s the reason ;). oh, btw, i think i’m out of wire rope. i need to visit the factory i think…. 😉

  2. Awesome photos Todd! I’m amazed you can get your legs that high. It looks a little uncomfortable!

    Are you planning on going to the Annual Spring Flower Festival in Yangmingshan this year?

  3. Thanks you two!

    MJ – I’m sure as a potential customer or investor you could get a tour of their sales office in Nantou.

    Carrie – I was a member of my university’s Tae Kwon Do club for nearly 4 years before coming here, amazingly I still have some flexibility left. I will be spending my Chinese New Years in Nantou, but Cathy, myself and possibly her sister and mother plan at some point during that time to come up to Taipei for the Flower Festival. Details are up in the air at this point.

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  5. Hi,
    I live in Canada, I would like to watch the plum flower blossom in Taiwan, what is a good time / place to go ?
    Appreciate your reply !
    Mr. Kee Sun Tse

  6. Dear Mr. Todd Alperovitz,
    Thank u very much for your info, I would love to see the plum blossom ,,,,,,,,,some days,,,,.
    Thanks again !
    K. S. Tse

  7. Hi! I haven’t been back up Fengguidou but its in bloom other places I’ve gone. I am still sifting through the pics from when my parents came to Taiwan. A few of them have some Plum Blossoms. They should be online next week 🙂

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