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If you like singing in front of your computer as much as I do, then you’ll love Holly’s new site KTV小姐!

Holly romanizes Chinese pop songs for your reading and singing pleasure.  I look forward to future updates Holly!

8 thoughts on “New Blog: KTV Xiaojie

  1. Todd, thanks for posting about this new blog. it never occurred to me to try to use karaoke songs to learn Chinese. since i’ve never studied Chinese in an actual school i am always looking to learn more, using whatever method i can use on my own. this looks like a great aid, plus as you know, i’m across the street from Shao-hui’s and that’s going to be my new classroom!

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  3. I have used the method Holly uses for romanizing and translations for awhile [although less lately because of time commitments]. I’ve learned a lot of new words through this method. It has also helped my reading ability.

  4. Hi Todd – thanks for the encouragement! Actually, the idea sprung from that original 2006 post about lyrics, and the fact that an enormous portion of my visitors end up on my blog because they’re looking for pinyin lyrics (well, lyrics and funeral strippers!). I really hope it ends up being useful to others, and not just a means for me to feed my own KTV habit. Let me know if you have a favorite you’d like to see!

    By the way, congrats on the Lonely Planet mention. You deserve it with all the great posts on cultural diversions around Taiwan. I wish I made more time for checking out places like the ones you visit, but of course that would take away from my KTV time.

  5. Wooo-hooo! I’m totally stoked. I just added it to my blogroll. I was just asking my Chinese teacher about this the other day and he didn’t know anyone who wanted to do this kind of work. Nice catch Todd!

  6. hello! i am currently in the states, but i do also often travel back and forth between taiwan… having been there for so much of my life, i surprisingly haven’t seen many of the tourist sites, or been very far outside of taipei! I received Lonely Planet’s newest Taiwan Guide for x’mas, and noticed your blog mentioned! Looks like you are famous 🙂

    Just wanted to congratulate you on a very interesting blog — probably one of the better and most well-updated taiwan blogs i’ve seen.. and i’ve seen many!

    best of luck to you!

  7. Holly – Thanks for the kind words. I know what you mean about the search engine results. The handful of songs I romanized usually get more than their fair share of hits.

    Carrie – Don’t thank me, thank Holly!

    Bebe – Thanks a lot! It’s pretty rare that someone from outside the Taiwan English blogsphere stops in and leaves a comment. Your words are very encouraging!

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