Liuhuangku Geothermal Scenic Area

Liuhuangku 6

I had some time to kill before going to work, a rarity awarded to me during Shida’s semester breaks, so I decided to walk from Xinbeitou Station [新北投站] to Zhongzheng Mountain [中正山]. I didn’t know anything about the mountain, I just saw a picture of its location on the area map located inside the MRT station. Along the way I got lost changed my mind and decided to stop at the Liuhuangku Geothermal Scenic Area [硫磺谷地熱景觀區].

Liuhuangku 5

Silver Grass [Miscanthus floridulus] is a very hardy plant that can survive this unforgiving environment.

Liuhuangku 1

The only signage in the area is in Chinese, which explains why the English version of Yangmingshan National Park’s website has no information on the area.

Liuhuangku 2

The only animal life I saw was the pack of about a dozen stray dogs that made a home near the warm vents.

Liuhuangku 3

The sulfuric gases and acidic springs scorch and erode the surrounding rocks.

Liuhuangku 7

If you only have time for one geothermal scenic area while in Taiwan I would suggest Xiaoyoukeng [小油坑] over Liuhaungku.

Liuhuangku 7

As I was leaving, I noticed this couple getting their wedding pictures taken along the side of the area’s lake. The groom-to-be was a lot more happy about the rain and smell of sulfur than his soon-to-be wife. She did manage to crack a smile for the camera, but in between shots she didn’t seem too enthusiastic about the shoot.

Liuhuangku - Wedding Photos

If you want to get there without walking, you can take the S9 or S7 buses from Beitou MRT Station to Datong Zhijia Station [大同之家站].

3 thoughts on “Liuhuangku Geothermal Scenic Area

  1. Good essay Todd. I used to live over the hill on Shamao Shan. The expats all called it Cherry Hill. I lived close to a waterfall and unfortunately the fresh air there had a sulphur content as well which wreaked havoc on my Sennheiser headphones. Went through 2 pair before I just said fuggedaboutit.

  2. Not so much between one MRT Station and the other. I would suggest taking the MRT to either Beitou or Xinbeitou Station and then getting on the 小9 to 大同之家 Station and exploring Liuhuangku a bit, afterwards you can hop back on the 小9 and head up to Yangmingshan Station [陽明山站] or Zhuzi Lake [(If going during Lily Season mid-March through April)竹子湖]. Or you can take bus #219 from Beitou or Xinbeitou Station to 大同之家 Station and afterwards take the same bus up to Yangmingshan Visitor’s Center [陽明公園服務中心] or Lengshuikeng [冷水坑遊客服務站].

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