Kyoto Imperial Palace

Kyoto Imperial Palace 9

Kyoto Gosho [京都御所] served as the imperial palace of Japan during the Edo period. The Imperial Household Agency hosts English tours of the grounds several times per week.

Kyoto Imperial Palace 1

Looking through Jomeimon Gate [承明門] we can see the most important building of the palace: the Shishinden [紫宸殿], which was used for important ceremonies of state such as enthronement ceremonies.

Kyoto Imperial Palace 2

Kenshunmon Gate [建春門]

Kyoto Imperial Palace 3

The Shunkoden [春興殿] was built to place the sacred mirror used during the enthronement ceremony of Emperor Taisho [大正天皇] in 1915.

Kyoto Imperial Palace 4

The Seiryoden [清涼殿] was used as the Emperor’s residence before the Otsunegoten [御常御殿] was built. It is very similar to the Shishinden, however the floor is built much lower and the building has more internal partitions.

Kyoto Imperial Palace 5

A wider-view of the Seiryoden and the connecting walkway:

Panorama - Kyoto Imperial Palace

View the large

Kyoto Imperial Palace 6

The Otsunegoten was used as the Emperor’s residence until the capital was transfered to Tokyo in 1869. Having 15 rooms, it is the largest structure on the grounds.

Kyoto Imperial Palace 7

A few pictures of the Oikeniwa Garden [御池庭].

Kyoto Imperial Palace 8

And a wider-view:

Panorama - Kyoto Imperial Palace

View the large
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All information, unless otherwise noted, is from tourist information plaques and brochures.

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