One thought on “It’s who you know

  1. Hi Todd,

    I just read your article over at TNHB. Wow. First off, I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. There’s nothing scarier than being sick in a foreign country, especially with problems of that magnitude.

    Secondly, I’m happy to hear that you have such terrific friends. This article really struck a chord with me. During my first three years in Northern China, I suffered from a series of health problems that were really difficult to deal with. Like you, my friends were able to get me the help I needed. I hope I can return the favor somehow, someway.

    More importantly, I hope people back home show this kind of thoughtfulness, understanding and compassion with visitors from other lands. I believe it’s the kind-hearted actions of others while living abroad that really bring the world together into one global village.

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