Dalunwei and Daluntou Hiking Trails

Daluntou and Dalunwei 7

Mt. Dalunwei [大崙尾山] and Mt. Daluntou [大崙頭山] are part of the Wuzhi Mountain Range [五指山系]. Mt. Daluntou is higher at 475 meters while Mt. Dalunwei stands at 451 meters. The area is laced with trails suitable for all ages. To get there, simply take Bus 255 from Shilin MRT Station and get off at Shuangxi Community Bus Stop 6 [雙溪社區六]. Walk a little up the street and you’ll find an area trail map with all the information you’ll need to help you choose the right paths.

Daluntou and Dalunwei 1

The weather was cool, overcast, and accompanied by moments of light rain. The rain was at its heaviest at the peaks, so I didn’t take any pictures at the top of either Dalunwei or Daluntou.

Daluntou and Dalunwei 4

Time to take a break from walking and see what’s growing on the rocks:

Daluntou and Dalunwei 5

Daluntou and Dalunwei 6

Walking on the path toward Daluntou Mountain:

Daluntou and Dalunwei 10

A newer, raised section of the trail:

Daluntou and Dalunwei 12

This beautiful wooden walkway coming down from Daluntou Mountain is unfortunately extremely slick when wet. I likely would have fallen on my ass if I wasn’t as agile as I am. Taipei City must have mistakenly assumed that people would only walk on it during clear days when there isn’t a trace of moisture on the planks:

Daluntou and Dalunwei 13

I finished the trail and walked down to the bus stop at Bixi Bridge [碧溪橋]. The area was littered with cafes and restaurants to dine and sing karaoke in. Next time I go, I’ll be sure to time my trip so that I will have an empty stomach by the end of the hike.

Daluntou and Dalunwei 15

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