Taiwan Beer – Booze Mania

Taiwan Beer - Booze Mania

While near 101 on Saturday evening I noticed Taiwan Beer was holding a promotional event called “Booze Mania.” The event quickly caught my attention because they were giving away a free can of Taiwan Beer and cocktail to anyone who showed up.

Taiwan Beer - Booze Mania

It didn’t take long for me to take advantage of the free beer. One of the attractions at the event was a fire show.

Taiwan Beer - Booze Mania

There was juggling, fire-breathing, and the occasional fumbling.

Taiwan Beer - Booze Mania

These shots were pretty hard because I had to hold my camera above a few heads, luckily some came out alright.

Taiwan Beer - Booze Mania

After the fire show I had learned that visitors had to wait until 8:30 before receiving their second free drink. Luckily I had a non-drinking friend redeem his for me to fend off boredom for another half-hour or so.

Taiwan Beer - Booze Mania

Were there promotional models? You bet. Our first is a cheerleader for Taiwan Beer:

Taiwan Beer - Booze Mania

The Jose Cuervo girls pose:

Taiwan Beer - Booze Mania

I believe this lovely woman was one of the event planners:

Taiwan Beer - Booze Mania

Our last is a promotional model for Fruko-Schulz Absinthe. I didn’t even know Absinthe was sold in Taiwan, shows how much I get out.

Taiwan Beer - Booze Mania

I left the event after about an hour. When I left there was a trivia contest going on. I didn’t partake so I didn’t walk home with any swag.

9 thoughts on “Taiwan Beer – Booze Mania

  1. I’ve always considered Taiwan Beer to be Taiwan’s answer to Budweiser (my wife once drank seven cans of the stuff in the course of one night without any noticeable effect), but the combination of a free can and beautiful promotional models might convince me to compromise on my normally high beer standards! Nothing like this ever happens in Fengyuan!

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  3. Todd, i went back for another read of this article. the photos are dynamite! you captured the fire scenes perfectly (not to mention the models, hehe) well done. ๐Ÿ˜€

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