Kyoto – Ninna-ji Temple

Ninna-ji Temple 02

The rain stopped by the time we got to Ninna-ji [仁和寺]. Our visit was delayed a bit because we got on the wrong bus after visiting Kinkaku-ji. The mistake on our part was wonderful because we found a spectacular restuarant at the stop we got off at after realizing our error.

Ninna-ji Temple 01

Ninna-ji was founded by Emperor Uda in 888.  Serving as the residence for the ex-emperor, it was formerly called the Old Imperial Palace of Omura.  The temple is the headquarters of the Omuro School of Shingon Buddhism.

Ninna-ji Temple 03

Many of the buildings were lost during the Onin War [1467-1477].  Most of those that stand today date from the early seventeenth century.

Ninna-ji Temple 05

The area was much less busy than Kinkaku-ji.  So exploring the grounds was much more enjoyable.

Ninna-ji Temple 08

In 1994 Ninna-ji was designated as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

Ninna-ji Temple 11

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4 thoughts on “Kyoto – Ninna-ji Temple

  1. What beautiful scenery! I have to say I was curious about the spectacular restaurant you reference. Any pics? I have always wanted to try some tofu made with water from one of the freshwater wells abundant there.

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