Xianjiyan Hiking Trail

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Xianjiyan Hiking Trail [仙跡岩親山步道] is located in Wenshan District [文山區], Taipei City’s southernmost district. The trail takes hikers up Xizikou Mountain [溪子口山] which stands at 143 meters and provides great views of Taipei City. The path is mostly shaded and not nearly as steep or as challenging as the Junjian Rock Trail [軍艦岩親山步道] I recently went on.

Xianjiyan Hiking Trail

Visitors have two options for accessing the trail:

1. Take the MRT to Jingmei Station [Xindian Line] and follow the signs to the trailhead.

2. Take the MRT to Wanfang Hospital Station [Muzha Line] and follow the signs to the trailhead.

Xianjiyan Hiking Trail

I chose to walk the path from Wanfang Hospital Station to Jingmei Station because I live near Yongan Market Station. I figured that it would be better to be the sweaty foreigner on the subway on the much shorter and less crowded path from Jingmei to Yongan Market than it would to be the sweaty foreigner on the longer and much more crowded path from Wanfang Hospital to Yongan Market.

Xianjiyan Hiking Trail

The path is a great way to sweat off any residual Sang Som Thai Rum after a night of blogger meet-up tomfoolery at Shao-hui’s in Hukou [more on this later if it’s not covered by MJ Klein, Michael Turton, Andres, Mark Forman, Carrie, David (on Formosa) or David (in Taiwan)].

Xianjiyan Hiking Trail

The wind made the trail nice and cool, there were a few families walking the trail, but not nearly as many I encountered on a much hotter [and later rainy] Sunday on Tiger Mountain.

Xianjiyan Hiking Trail

Legend has it that Lu Dong-bin [呂洞賓], one of the Eight Immortals visited this spot and left the impression of his footprint on Xianji Rock.  I wasn’t on the lookout for it so I either walked right past it or saw it and didn’t even know it.

Xianjiyan Hiking Trail

I will be stuck in Taipei for the next couple of weekends so hopefully I’ll find a chance to walk more trails [if weather permits].  I also have a few more posts on the recent trip to Japan to put online that may be finished by the end of the week.

Xianjiyan Hiking Trail

8 thoughts on “Xianjiyan Hiking Trail

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  2. Nice night shots Catherine… I actually walked past the the face in the rock as a family was crowded around it… After a few yards I turned and went in for a closer look to see what the commotion was about.

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