Kyoto – Exploring Arashiyama – Hogonin Temple

Oi River

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Our first full day in Kyoto was spent in Arashiyama [嵐山], a scenic district in Western Kyoto. The Panorama above shows the Katsura River [桂川], to the far left of the panorama is the Togetsukyo Bridge [渡月橋].


We explored the area on rented bicycles. Pedestrian and vehicle traffic around the area wasn’t too bad.

Arashiyama Area

Our first stop was Hogonin Temple [宝厳院], a sub-temple of the Tenryu-ji Temple complex [天龍寺].


Hogonin was originally built in 1461 by Hosokawa Yoriyuki, an official of the Muromachi Shogun.


Hogonin was located on a large site in Kyoto’s Kamigyou-ku District.


After burning in the fires of the Onin War [1467-1477], it was reconstructed during the Tensho era [1573-1592].


During the Meiji period, it was moved to Tenryu-ji, where it became a sub-temple.


It was later relocated within Tenryu-ji to its present site.

Hogonin Temple

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All information, unless otherwise noted, is from tourist information plaques and brochures.

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