Hiking in the Dakeng Scenic Area

Dakeng Scenic Area

The weekend was one of those rare 2-day weekends because my students were busy at their regular school making up the day they missed on account of the holiday. It feels great to say, “Have a nice weekend” to my boss on Friday evening instead of on Saturday morning. We woke up early on Sunday morning to avoid the midday heat and headed towards the Dakeng Scenic Area [大坑風景區] in Taichung [台中].

Dakeng Scenic Area

Located in Taichung’s Beitun District [台中市北屯區] on the Touke Mountain Range [頭嵙山] the area hosts 8 different trails with various levels of difficulty. We took Trail #2 up and Trail #1 down. I heard from one source that Trail #5 is the most difficult… so hopefully when the weather is a bit cooler a return trip will be planned.

Dakeng Scenic Area

Trail #2 is more challenging than Trail #1. Trail #2 is about 1,250 meters long and has a couple of 60-degree slopes. Trail #1 is 1,520 meters long, mostly shaded, and suitable for children. Both trails connect with Trail #5 at the top.

Dakeng Scenic Area

One of the trail’s more gentle areas:

Dakeng Scenic Area

This young man in the group behind us had a huge ear-to-ear grin the entire time his group was behind ours… whether it was because he was checking out May or Jason the whole time isn’t known:

Dakeng Scenic Area

Finished with Trail #2 and about to descend down Trail #1. I had my Nikon D40 around my neck the whole trail without any worries [I only took it off to give to others to take pictures]…

Dakeng Scenic Area

The D40 and its bundled Nikon 18-55mm II was love at first sight for me. Anyone on the fence about going DSLR should pick one up… you’ll thank me later. The camera is smaller and less expensive than the D80 and D200, pumps out good photos with little effort, and is lightweight and comfortable to hold so people who have never held a DSLR camera before aren’t intimidated when holding it for the first time.

Dakeng Scenic Area

Case in point, the first time Cathy saw the camera she exclaimed that she wouldn’t be able to use it. As a DSLR, it’s huge compared to the Coolpix P3 she had grown accustomed to. After a 15-second explanation on using the viewfinder to compose photos and how to zoom, she quickly found joy in using it.

Dakeng Scenic Area

The post-hike shaved-ice dessert really hit the spot:

After-hike desert

16 thoughts on “Hiking in the Dakeng Scenic Area

  1. Oops,

    I was a little eager to post. I meant to say, “Terrific shots!” I especially like the butterfly and dragonfly photos. It looks like you had a great day!

  2. The #5 is probably the most challenging in that it’s a ridgetop trail, and thus you are constantly going up and down (I also dislocated my knee on the #5 and had to pop it back into place by myself, but that’s another story). There is a spur trail from the #5 accessible from trails 1 & 2 that is pleasant to walk on, and usually isn’t crowded with hikers.

    The hardest path up is probably the #4 trail. A lot of the vegetation slid off the mountain as a result of the 921 earthquake, leaving much of the path exposed to the elements. The views, however, are excellent.

    There is also a 9th trail that joins up with the #6. I’m not sure how official it is, though.

  3. Hey there. Just visiting family here and saw your webpage. My cousing lives in dakeng and I’m interested in doing a hike. Want to join?
    I didn’t thought it’d be so quiet here.
    Conroy faber

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