Alishan – Zhushan Sunrise

Panorama Sunrise

View the large

Woke up early for the 4:30 train from Alishan Station [阿里山火車新站] to Zhushan Station [祝山站]. The narrow-gauge train followed a twisting path along the mountain at an elevation from 2,216 meters to 2,494 meters.

Zhushan - Alishan

We arrived with some time to kill before the 5:57 sunrise, I was uncharacteristically well-rested for the occasion. This gentleman was MC’ing the event at the Guan-ri Platform [祝山觀日台]:

Zhushan - Alishan

The triangular peak on the right side of the photo is Yushan [玉山] Taiwan’s tallest mountain at 3,952 meters:

Zhushan Sunrise - Alishan

The sun is rising above Mt. Xiuguluan [秀姑巒山]:

Zhushan Sunrise - Alishan

Zhushan Sunrise - Alishan

Making our way back to the train station…

Zhushan - Alishan

The morning sun had uncovered this beauty that was invisible to us on the way up to the platform:

After the sunrise, panorama

View the large

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All information, unless otherwise noted is from various tourist brochures, information plaques, and the Alishan Forest Recreation Area website.

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