Alishan – Rock Monkeys and the Fuci Tree

Formosan Rock Monkey

On the way home we spotted two Formosan Rock Monkeys [Macaca cyclopis] sitting next to the road. I believe at this point we were driving through a portion of Yushan National Park [玉山國家公園].

Formosan Rock Monkey

The section of the road was a little too dangerous to park the car and get out, but I was able to get decent shots from the car window.

Formosan Rock Monkey

Formosan Rock Monkey

Down the road we stumbled across this gem:

The Fuci Tree [夫妻樹(Couple Tree)] are two old cypress trees that are the remains of a forest fire in 1963, so-named because they resemble a couple standing proudly by the road [Yushan National Park].

Fuci Tree

Fuci Tree

Fuci Tree

It was a great time, hopefully in the near future I’ll be able to make another trip up and explore the area more extensively.

Fuci Tree

Near the trees is also a great spot for taking a panorama:

Mountain Panorama

View the large

More Alishan Posts (for simplicity’s sake, this post, although covering portions of Yushan park were filed with the Alishan posts… at least until a trip to Yushan can be documented)

All information, unless otherwise noted is from various tourist brochures, information plaques, and the Alishan Forest Recreation Area website.

One thought on “Alishan – Rock Monkeys and the Fuci Tree

  1. I went on a tour there years ago and I think those two trees are the male and female trees… Of course, there is some mythology about them, but when I went there my Chinese sucked….

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