Junjian Rock Hiking Trail

Junjian Rock Hiking Trail

Have some time to kill? The Junjian Rock Hiking Trail [軍艦岩親山步道] treats visitors to great views and gives a nice workout. The trailhead is really easy to find, just take the MRT to Qilian [唭哩岸] Station and you can’t miss the signs that point to the right direction.

Junjian Rock Hiking Trail

Here’s a small side trail leading to the Weilingdun Residential Area [威靈頓社區]

Junjian Rock Hiking Trail

The trail towards Junjian Rock [軍艦岩] is made up of well-maintained steps all the way up.

Junjian Rock Hiking Trail

Along the path, I made a panorama of the Weilingdun Residential area:

Weilingtung Community

View the large

Finally made it to Junjian Rock:

Junjian Rock Hiking Trail

Junjian Rock Hiking Trail

The view from Junjian Rock is pretty spectacular, unfortunately skies were a bit hazy over Taipei so my panorama didn’t come out quite like I would have liked it to:

Junjian Rock

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Junjian Rock Hiking Trail

The path from Junjian Rock to Zhaoming Temple [照明寺] is mostly dirt, but no worries because most of it is shaded. I met a Taiwanese man on this portion of the trail who had something in common with me: we both didn’t know which path to take to Zhaoming Temple. Luckily a couple we talked to on the trail pointed us towards the right direction.

Junjian Rock Hiking Trail

The only dragonfly on the trail to sit still long enough for me:


Zhaoming Temple:

Zhaoming Temple

On the path from Danfeng Mountain [丹鳳山] down to Beitou:

Junjian Rock Hiking Trail

Panorama along the path:

Trail Pan

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Junjian Rock Hiking Trail

And last but not least, a pan of Beitou:

Beitou District

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17 thoughts on “Junjian Rock Hiking Trail

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  2. These are great photos, thanks for sharing. How did you find out about the trail? I’ve been looking for a guide book or map of hiking routes in Taiwan.

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  4. I think it is always hazy in Taipei, or maybe just on the days it isn’t raining.

    The Taipei MTR Guides are great sources of info and the hiking/biking guide kept me busy my whole visit.

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  6. i realize this is an old post… but I just did this hike today, and here is a small FYI for anyone who also wants to go on this hike: at the quilian MRT station exit #1, there are no signs for this trail. there are however steps that look like part of a trail which are roped off. perhaps that was old entrance? instead i walked about 3 lights straight ahead (direction toward shipai MRT) to yang ming university, and from there once i found the main road inside i found signs pointing to this trail. after that, all was perfect!

    or i could’ve been really blind and everything was still there, but in the end i did make it to the top. thank you for writing about this place!

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