Typhoon Sepat

Typhoon Sepat

I left this morning (the first time I left my apartment since Friday evening) to see if there was any damage. Thankfully, the only damage I saw was a few downed trees and branches as I walked through Zhonghe No. 4 Park [中和四號公園]. The sidewalk had mostly been cleared by the time I went out for breakfast at the civilized hour of 10 am.

Typhoon Sepat

Originally, I had prepared for the worst: I had a flashlight with extra batteries, a stack of food in the event of 7-11 being closed, extra water, and a fully charged Gameboy Advance SP. Here in Zhonghe we had periods of moderate to high wind and heavy rains followed by longer periods of relative calm.

Typhoon Sepat

Post-storm reports are also available from David, T.C., and Franc

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